Friday, 24 January 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - January - Opposite Day

Hi all!

For today's Nail Art Ideas Linkup theme we've got opposite day. To quote the ladies that organised this challenge: Opposite Day (THEME 3)- Did you know that Jan 25th is officially named OPPOSITE DAY?  To praise this holiday let’s paint our nails opposite of our usual style!  Do you hate water marbling?  Try it!  Do you rarely wear blue nail polish?  Well, wear it!  Step outside your comfort zone for this theme and surprise yourself!

So, what is more uncomfortable for me than anything? Yes, a French mani... and stuff that sticks out on top of my nails! So here we have both combined! Can't get more opposite than what I would wear for a mani.

The polishes I used:
  • Essence - stampy polish white
  • Cien - 7 Frenchlook rose
  • Sparkles by Julie - Sugah!

Since I don't have a french white, or a white that is very opaque, I used my stamping polish *chuckles*. It worked. Ages ago I bought two polishes at Lidl, yes the supermarket. This frenchlook rose is one of them. It is, obviously, a very sheer pale pink polish. Perfect for today. And we have Sugah! which is a lovely white glitter mix by Sparkles by Julie, an indie brand that is no more. I picked this up at a sale on Mei Mei's Signatures (and she still has a couple polishes of Sparkles by Julie in stock). It was in the first batch of indie polishes I ever bought. I highly recommend Mei Mei's Signatures, the selection she has is enormous, I have ordered there several times.

I painted my tips white with my stampy polish, I freehanded it because my french mani stickerthings refused to stick. I topped it with two coats of Frenchlook rose. You can now also see why I dislike this so much... stained nails. Especially that blue stain on my ring finger. Most of it has grown out into the free edge now, but you can still see a bit of blue popping up. I felt the Frenchlook rose was a bit streaky, but it does not show that much in the pictures. It didn't look that bad from a distance, it just did not feel like me. It is pretty, on someone else.

Next I dabbed the pretty white glitter on my nails (I do think it's cute and wintery). There is quite a mix of glitters in Sugah! Holographic micro glitter, white hexes (a few sizes), squares, bars, some iridescent glitters. Fun! I also stuck an assortment of rhinestones and pearls on there. I get queasy looking at it. This is so not me. I like studs, but nothing too big or in your face on my nails. I do thinks a simple French with a glitter like Sugah! is a great wedding manicure.

Can we quickly forget this? Next week we have a border mani. And I'm actually wearing it right now. It just happened and I am loving this one! You'll see it next week!


  1. :O Me parece una pasada, de cómo es la simple manicura francesa a gracias a unas pelitas hacerla tan sofisticada, Un 10!

  2. U say maybe not your style... but it's cute on you!