Friday, 17 January 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - January - Inspired by Pinterest

Hi all!
Todays Nail Art Ideas Linkup theme is Inspired by Pinterest... I think I could do tons of manis inspired by Pinterest. There is a wealth of amazing manis and other images to get inspiration from. Pinterest is also a dangerous place, you can lose hours and hours browsing and pinning! Today's nail art is inspired by this image. It's a pattern by the artist Fukoshi Nakanishi, a Japanese illustrator. You can find his Pinterest here and his Facebook here.

The polishes I used, from left to right:
  • BlackStar Nail Polish - BO43
  • Catrice - 710 Dulce & Havanna
  • Essence - 133 Oh my glitter!
  • Essence - 159 The green & the grunge

First a look at the polishes on their own. The BlackStar polish needed 3 coats for opacity sadly, it is a lovely shade. It would have been better if it were more opaque. The green & the grunge was nearly opaque in 1 coat, but I applied 2. I love this colour, so deep and rich. I also applied 2 thick coats of Oh my glitter, but it is rather thin, so 3 thinner would probably be better. It is very lovely though with that pretty shimmer. Dulce & Havanna also needed 2 coats. I think this picture is with top coat, but I was in a hurry (had to go to work), so excuse the bad cleanup.

Next is what I did when I got home from work. The observant viewer will see differences in colour as well, especially for my skin. My new daylight bulb was delivered, and after some adjusting with the white balance on my camera, this came out. Much much better if I say so myself. I might have to get a second one (I use two halogen lights, one of my bulbs broke, so I finally replaced it. It is so much better than the ones that came with my light box tent. I love eBay!).

I freehanded this pattern using my smallest nail art brush and the darker nail polishes. On my index finger and pinky I did it in white first, then coloured it in, otherwise you would not have been able to see it at all.

When I finished I thought this reminded me of a cell's chromosomes during mitosis, in various stages. It wasn't intentional, though that would make a fun mani as well. Sorry, sometimes the biologist in me resurfaces *winks*. I hope you enjoyed this, I thought it looked rather fun!
I have prepared a few manis already that were done pre-daylight bulb, but I do look forward to posting higher quality photos for you!

Curious to see what the other ladies were inspired by? Go check below!