Sunday, 23 February 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Cute

Hi all!

Today's theme is cute. And I've got some owly cute in the form of YRNAILS decals! This will be a picture heavy post, so you're warned!

Let's start with the polishes I used:
  • LynBDesigns - White Fang
  • NYC - 013 Aqua Mystic
  • NYC - 014 Magic Earth

And I used MoYou London Mother Nature (Landscape) 03 stamping plate as well.

I ordered some (water) decals from YRNAILS a couple of weeks ago. They've been sitting there waiting until I found some time to use them. Today's cute theme is perfect, because I have the cutest owl decals! YRNAILS is based in the UK and they sell nail decals in all sorts of designs, full nail wraps and nail polish. They can't ship their nail polish outside of the UK because of postal regulations though. Their prices are fair, £1,25 (€1,45 / $1,94) for most nail decals and £1,50 (€1,74 / $2,33) for a set of nail wraps. You can easily change currency at the top of their website. Each month they feature some of their products on sale as well.

This image above shows how it's packaged, fits a normal sized envelope. Below I've laid out what I bought from them. The nail decals have 23 images in 3 sizes, the full nail wraps have 20 images in 5 sizes. The smallest full nail size is a lot bigger than my smallest nail.

Instructions how to use the decals. They provided freebies for testing, which is great! And below my cute owls I'll be using today. Mind you, this is the first time I ever used water decals, so I have no idea how decals from other shops compare to these.

Cut out the image you want on your nail. I decided on the largest Winking Owl to place on my thumb. As you can see I stamped some foliage on it before I applied the decal (this is before cleaning up). Place the decal in some warm water and soak for 10-30 seconds. I found out shorter is better, I'll tell you why later.

After some soaking the images comes off the white backing paper easily. Carefully place them on your nail and press lightly to flatten it out.

Finish it off with topcoat to seal it in. I found it difficult to get them flat enough, but it's easier if you apply a layer of topcoat first and apply the decal while your nail is still tacky. You can't slide it around, but it does stick better in my opinion.

Now why you should soak shorter... see how my blue Sleeping Owl and my green Shocked Owl appear faded? I found that soaking them too long makes the image bleed onto your tissue/finger when applying to your nail. The shorter soaked ones didn't. Lesson learnt.

On my right hand my purple Goggly Eyes Owl soaked shorter, giving the crisp image you really want. I messed up one of the decals for my right hand (soaked too long and it folded), which is why you see one more stamped nail. I do like that stamped index nail though *winks*.

Do you think these owls are cute enough? Have you tried water decals before?

For more cute, check below!


  1. Superschattig! Ik heb die site maar even aan mijn favorieten toegevoegd. Erg leuk dat je eerst gestamped hebt.

    1. Dank je, ze zijn inderdaad superschattig :)

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! I am checking out that retailer now - those decals look adorable!

    1. There's so much choice! Lots of different owls

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  4. Lovely design, u used the decals very nicely. Love the idea ! I am also doing fingerfood theme's challenge just followed u on all social sites Hope to see u on my blog too :)

  5. what a cute mani I love the decals great job xxx

  6. Those little owls are so dang cute!
    I have an award to give you! The Shine On Award! more info here...

    1. Wheee, another award! Thanks Jacqui! I'll look into it when I have some time

  7. Absolutely love these owls - great decals! I love the stamping underneath too - fab multi-layered mani! :)