Friday, 14 February 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - February - Valentine's Day

Hi all!

Today is Valentine's day... and the last of the Valentine's Day mani's. At last. I don't delebrate it myself, I am not wearing today's mani at the moment (wore it last week actually), I don't exchange cards or presents or anything with the hubby, and I am a bit over all the red and pink stuff. But today we have a little bit more red. And black.

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Whoever thought a black label for a black polish was a good idea should do a rethink. This is my latest black polish buy, found it in a DA drugstore over here for € 2,95. I like it so far, it's opaque in one thick coat (or two thinner ones), just like Essence - Black is back, but... and the but is important. It does not bleed. The Essence black one tends to bleed when applying top coat, which is highly annoying. This one doesn't as you can see in the photos. For one nail I used stamping with MoYou's Kitty collection plate 11. I mostly bought this plate because of the cats... and cute cages... so many cute cages. But it also has some keys and keyholes!

So, I started with a base of black. I then painted the hearts in white with my nail art pen, not that you can see it, but I needed a base for the hearts. I used a nail art brush and the red stamping polish to cover the white base completely. On my nails I did the life cycle of love expressed in hearts. Yes, I actually thought about this... not too long or it might have hurt *winks*.

We start on my thumb with a stamped heart with keyhole and a key, to represent finding another heart that opens your own. On my index you can see the love multiplies at first, it is the happy part. Then cracks appear in love... perhaps it was not meant to be after all? Or an awful fate struck the loved one and left this world leaving a lonely broken heart behind... On my ring finger we have the broken heart. Love ended in sorrow and pain. It happens, it sucks. On my pinky we have a slowly mending heart, because life goes on even after a heart break, you pick up the pieces and tie them together until it heals. It takes time and this one is not completely ready but slowly getting there *winks*.

And when the broken heart has mended the cycle can start all over again. Of course sometimes the happy phase lasts a long time, it's not all doom and gloom! And that's the end of today's story! Don't forget to check the other mani's below!