Thursday, 13 February 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Valentines

Hi all!

Another Valentines mani... let's get it over with *winks*. I was pondering what to do for this week... until I saw the Digital Dozen's Valentine inspire post. Two of them featured a heart done with crackle polish. Over a year ago I bought a set of crackle polishes, a silver base and a purple and blue crackle. This was long before I discovered nail art, and I thought it looked fun instead of wearing a plain colour. I haven't used these since I discovered nail art *winks*.

From left to right:
  • Boulevard - Silver basecoat (unnamed, unnumbered)
  • Boulevard - Purple Crackle (unnamed, unnumbered)

This mani was very easy, a silver base, two coats. Then I applied hearts with the bottle brush. They crackled while drying. On my thumb and middle finger I did a single big heart. On my ring finger you see a heart frenchie and on my index and pinky I did smaller hearts. I did top coat this, even though it's not that obvious. It would need more top coat to get rid of the texture completely.

I do like the use of a crackle polish like this, and the colours are a nice change as well (compared to all the red and pink you see at Valentine's). Do you still use your crackle polishes?

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  1. Wat een ontzettend goed idee om zo een crackle lakje te gebruiken! Is erg leuk geworden.

    1. Hebben ze toch nog hun nut. Kennelijk kun je er ook mee marblen, bekijk dit maar: