Sunday, 9 February 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Hearts

Hi all!

So today's theme is Hearts. I decided to go for tiny hearts in a pond manicure. Original idea was by Vicki from Olive View Fashion. The version with hearts is from Adventures in Acetone, which you can see here. Now my version is nothing like the others, besides the layering between jelly polish.

Polishes I used:
  • L.A. Colors - NP106 Red Carnation
  • Barry M - Nail Art Pen White
  • Barry M - Nail Art Pen Black

This is simply a layering of a coat of Red Carnation, a few hearts, layer of polish, hearts, etc. I think I did 4 layers, could be 5. I lost count. I mixed up if I used white or black hearts, or both. As you can see, layering the black does not do much. But layering the white gives a lot more depth.

I do like this effect, it took a long time, mostly waiting for polish to dry. And it's not perfect, my hearts are not distributed nicely, there are some balder areas. But it was therapeutic, this was the first mani I did after losing my furbaby. Of course cuddles from the hubby and the other Siamese helps as well. And buying myself daffodils.

This mani was growing on me, of course I banged my nail against a closet the next day and broke a chunk of my middle fingernail. I trimmed them down after that (which is visible in a few mani's I did previously, because I don't do mani's in the order I post them. I am weird like that).


  1. These nails are so pretty!! Sorry to hear to about your broken nail!

    1. I really liked the length of my nails like they were in this mani... today they feel an inch shorter. Okay, of course it's less dramatic than that and they'll grow back, but still...

  2. This is amazing - those little tiny hearts look like heart confetti - gorgeous! :) xx

    1. :) Thanks hun, and so easy to do with the nail art pens too!