Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - Stripes and dots

Hi all!

It's the third Tri Polish Tuesday of this month already! I prepared this nearly two weeks ago when I had a week off from work. Any resemblance to The Nail Newbie's mani from last week is completely coincidental, I swear! We just think alike sometimes it seems *winks*.

My polishes for this week:
  • Barry M - MNP3 Caramel
  • Essence - 106 Free hugs
  • NYC - 003 Prey of Grey

And again 3 completely different polishes, but they fit the assigned colours!

My base is two easy coats of Caramel, love this colour and the matte finish. On my index and pinky I simply dotted, I have never done a completely dotted nail before like this, but I've always loved skittle manis that had them. It was time I tried it as well. On my middle fingernail I applied stripes with a striping brush. This was my first attempt using those brushes I got months ago, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

My thumb as a combination of dots and stripes, the stripes didn't come out that well though. Let's pretend these were the first stripes I ever did (shush, it was the last nail I did) *winks*. I did a different combination of stripes and dots on my ring fingernail. I do like this mix, yay for skittles! I also deliberately did not add top coat, I did not want to ruin the matte finish of Caramel. Besides, the slight texture of the dots and stripes is interesting.

Have you worked with striping brushes?

More brown, pink and grey mani's below!


  1. That pink looks like candy! Lovely mani :)

  2. Thanks! It is a nice pink, for a pink ;)

  3. I like this a lot, it looks like fancy cakes :).This is so cute, perfect for spring. I nominated you for a Liebster award here:http://katieslostandfound.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award-part-two.html .x