Friday, 21 February 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go - Snow Day

Hi all!

I wanted to do more of this challenge... but it's just not happening. Today's theme is Snow Day however. I was wearing the awesomeness that is L.A. Girl Brilliant Blue (yes, I am totally blaming Jacqui from Craftynail for enticing me with it... I had to have it), such depth... sigh... right... back to the challenge. I was wearing this for a day, and then noticed this theme... I needed no other excuse to use my MoYou London snowflake plate (Festive 02) again. Last time I used it it was months ago, when there was still a chance we'd actually get a winter this year. But seeing as it's still a prolonged autumn that is blending into spring, winter has to come on my nails or not at all. So in a way this is a goodbye to a winter that never was. Yes, that sounds good.

My polishes:

And the snowflakes...

But first a look at Brilliant Blue au naturel. I restrained myself to only 2 photos. Try not to drown.

Of course this polish does not need anything to make it prettier, it would be impossible. But it can make snowflakes prettier *nods*. It's a reverse psychology thing.

I stamped random snowflakes onto my nails, in Blue first, and next in Pastel Blue. It isn't the best stamping, but flaws are not very noticeable from a distance. I love how this MoYou plate has so many different snowflakes, not one nail is the same.

So, goodbye winter. It was fun to wear you on my nails. I can even forgive you for taking the spotlight from Brilliant Blue. Just this once though.

Now, go check out the other snowy nails!


  1. I love this!!!! awesome stamping =))

  2. This is gorgeous hun! I need that L.A colours polish :D xx

    1. Thanks! I needed it as well, plus the other 6 colours they had at Cherry Culture.... *coughs*

  3. That looks amazing! Great work :)