Sunday, 11 August 2013

Adorable flowers

After a day of wearing P2's Adorable on it's own I decided to add some nail art to it. I had seen a tutorial by The Crumpet for roses last week or so. She made it sound very easy to do and I haven't done any flowers before. I got two other textured polishes for the rose petals and leaves.

The polishes I used:

From left to right:
  • P2 Sand Style - 010 adorable
  • P2 Sand Style - 020 lovesome
  • KIKO Sugar Mat - 643 (spring green)

I also used 2 sizes of dotting tools, a large one for the rose base and a small one for the leaves and the petals. First I dotted the outline of the roses with Lovesome and then filled them up. While they were drying I did the leaves with the small dotting tool and Spring green. I did the petals with Adorable last.

I decided to go for a full flower on my thumbs and ring fingers. On my middle fingers I did roses in the corners to make it a bit different. It is not hard to do at all, but it does look very good. Easy nail art is always a big win ;).

I really like the end result even if it's very girly *chuckles*. But it sparkles! The Lovesome and Spring green only have microglitter and not bigger ones like Adorable, but they still sparkle! I like it so much I will be wearing it a second day *gasp*, yup! I had one or two chips on my index fingers, but the big benefit with Adorable is that you can hardly see it if you touch it up. More yay for texture polishes! I love them, a lot!