Thursday, 29 August 2013

Frogs and lilypads

I have wanted to do frog inspired nails for a long time. Poison dart frogs are gorgeous creatures with the brightest colours. For today's manicure I tried to recreate their skin pattern.

From left to right I used:
  • Catrice - 11 Miss Piggy's BF
  • Catrice - 10 I'm Not A Greenager
  • Catrice - Glamazona LE C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum
  • Miss Helen - 125
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat 644 Sea Blue
  • Rimmel - 800 Black Out

I also used dotting tools in two sizes.

First let's look at my left hand, on my thumb and ring finger I wore 3 coats of Lime Heart and used the dotting tools to apply Black Out in a pattern from the yellow-banded poison dart frog. On my pinky I attempted to do the pattern of the red-backed poison dart frog. I used Catrice Candy Shock LE Play It Blue (pastel blue) as a base and sponged some red polish on it. I added Black Out dots with my dotting tool. I'm not too happy how that looked though. I did something different on my right hand which I will show you later.

On my index and middle finger I started with a base of KIKO Sugar Mat Sea Blue as pond water. It is a textured blue polish with a silver shimmer. I think the texture and shimmer make it look like water without having to do intricate nail art. I applied a lilypad with my dotting tools using both green Catrice polishes Miss Piggy's BF and I'm Not A Greenager. I used HK Girl top coat to even it out and make the texture smoother.

I'll show you my right hand as well because I liked it better than left *winks*.

The only difference is my pinky. This time I decided to go with the amazing blue poison dart frog. Again I started with a base of  Catrice Candy Shock LE Play It Blue. I sponged Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans over it and then added the Black Out dots with my dotting tools.

I was really happy with this manicure, even if my left index finger decided to chip after a day (photos were made after a day of wearing). My index fingers are always the ones chipping first, no matter what I wear. They are my weakest nails, hence why they are slightly shorter than the rest.

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