Thursday, 15 August 2013

Yellow polka-stud bikini

A while ago I stumbled upon the Portuguese indie polish brand Crazy Polish Lady. There a lots of American indie polish brands and only a few European ones. Most American brands don't ship internationally themselves but rely on online stockists, which can be a good alternative. Crazy Polish Lady resides in Portugal and will ship internationally with very fair shipping rates. I bought 4 of her polishes some time ago and you will be seeing one of those today. For today's manicure I used Yellow polka dot bikini. This polish is from her Summer Is Up collection (Limited Edition).

The polishes I used in this manicure from left to right:
  • Catrice - NEONaturals Limited Edition C01 Little Miss Sunshine
  • Crazy Polish Lady - Yellow polka dot bikini
  • Glisten & Glow - HK Girl top coat

First the star of today, Yellow polka dot bikini.

This is a pastel yellow jelly (or crelly as it is not super sheer) with a mix of different coloured matt glitters. There are micro glitters in several colours, small hex glitters in red, blue, yellow, lilac, orange and probably some colours I have missed. There are also small square glitters, mostly purple, green and orange, though I think there are pastel blue squares in there as well. Then there are some larger sized hex glitters in orange, yellow, blue, purple and green. It's quite a colourful mix.

I am wearing 3 coats of Yellow polka dot bikini on it's own with top coat. You can always layer it over a pastel yellow, though yellows usually need a few coats for coverage as well. I like the layers of glitters, it gives more depth and makes it more interesting.

On my accent nails I am wearing Little Miss Sunshine which is a bright yellow creme packed with shimmer. I placed 2mm and 3mm round studs on wet top coat. HK Girl top coat dries fast, so I did not manage to place all the studs before it was dry. The small studs were placed on a tiny drop of top coat to hold it in place. I covered everything in top coat to seal it in properly.

I wore this for two days before I took it off. I normally never wear a manicure longer than this. None of the studs came off before I took them off deliberately. It was a bright and summery manicure and really enjoyed it. I do like studs, when I wear them on my thumbs I often catch myself touching them. Because they are firmly in place I do not get try and pick them off though. I bought the studs on eBay from different sellers. I got the 2mm (B13 set) studs here and the 3mm studs here. I love free shipping and cheap nail art supplies.

If you'd like to own some of the Crazy Polish Lady polishes, contact her by e-mailing her or messaging her on her Facebook page. Her contact details are on her website. I've found her to be very friendly, payment is handled with paypal and she will provide a tracking code for the shipment of your order.

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