Friday, 23 August 2013

Max & More Nail stamp set

A while ago I bought a small stamping set at Action, a discount store we have here in the Netherlands. I paid a whopping € 0,99. I did not expect that much, but wanted to try it anyway.

The set includes the following:
  • one image plate
  • one small stamper
  • a plastic scraper
  • a tiny stamping polish, 2 ml.

When I was there they had 2 different sets, though it could be more. Some sets came with a tiny white polish instead of the pink one. On the back there are directions on how to use this.

The image plate was protected by a layer of clear film, the scraper is completely plastic. Most scrapers have a metal dull blade that could scratch your plate if it is damaged. Most people use an old plastic card (like a gift card or credit card) instead. No need for that with this set, you can just use the plastic scraper without fear of your image plate getting damaged.

The set I bought had an image plate with 9 small designs. Two floral designs are the same, just mirrored. I'm not too fond of these designs myself, I prefer more abstract and larger designs. The double roses are cute though, I can see myself using those. Designs are very much a personal choice, I will let you decide on your own if you like them or not *winks*. They transferred just fine onto paper using my Essence black stamping polish.

The images transferred to the nail fine with the black stampy polish. I'm not the world's best stamper, I don't do it often enough, so any flaws are from my lacking stamping abilities.

The pink stamping polish that came with the set is rubbish. It was not opaque enough and did not transfer well at all. It also smells awful.

Verdict: a nice little set worth the low price I paid if you like the designs, but you will need to use other polishes for stamping.

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