Friday, 9 August 2013

P2 Sand Style - Adorable swatch

After my very bold Tribal manicure I was a bit unsure what I'd paint my nails with. I asked a friend through a messaging chat to pick a colour, not knowing why she had to pick one. She chose pink. I was then holding two P2 Sand style polishes in my hand and made her choose between hot pink and pastel. She narrowed it down to pastel pink. Pastel pink it was. Only after that she asked what I was doing *chuckles*.

P2 Sand Style 010 adorable is the name of this polish, and it is so adorable! Perfectly named! It is a very rosey pastel pink mixed with glitter. Actually it is overflowing with glitter... it is very sparkly, turning a simple pastel into something awesome. I wore this an entire day without getting bored, which is the glitter's fault. I love sparkly...

I am wearing two coats in the pictures, if you've got short nails you can get away with just one coat. It covers very well, but I felt there was still a bit of visible nail line with one coat. I did not use any top coat to preserve the textured effect of this polish. The texture is not rough at all, but you can still feel it very well.

I adore this polish, even if it is very simple, it is stunning to look at. As I'm writing this I am still pondering if I will wear this another day or add some nail art... you'll see next time!

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