Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Catrice - Nickel Minaj

Today I will be showing you another one of the new Catrice polishes: 42 Nickel Minaj. Nickel Minaj is a silver metallic polish. Or nickel coloured if you prefer *winks*. I think the name is a good pun as with most Catrice polish names.

Metallic polishes have a tendency to show brush strokes very well, and this is no different. Unfortunately. I am wearing 2 coats with top coat in the pictures below.

Application was easy, it dries fast as with most Catrice polishes. Formula was good, not too thick and not too thin.

I did not have a silver polish yet, so it is a welcome addition to my stash. Because this polish is so streaky, I would not wear it on it's own. It does make a good base for nail art though. Or I'll use it when I want a silver accent but not silver glitter.

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