Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kitchy Miami pINK

After swatching the 5 new Catrice polishes on a swatchstick that you can see here, I decided to try how sheer Miami pINK was on my own nails. I do like bold pinks. As an accent I sandwiched Kitch Me If You Can as well.

From left to right:
  • Catrice - 45 Kitch Me If You Can
  • Catrice - 43 Miami pINK

I am wearing 3 coats of Miami pINK in the pictures below. The opacity is a bit better on the nail than it was on my swatchstick, but you can still see a visible nail line.

These pictures were taken outside in daylight, there was little sun unfortunately. I do love how the tiny flakes sparkle, it makes this a more interesting polish. All Catrice polishes I have used are easy to apply with the wide brush it has, this was no different.

I wanted to see how Kitch Me If You Can would look sandwiched in between layers of Miami pINK. I applied one layer of Kitch Me on my thumbs and ring fingers.

If you look closely it may seem like the larger hex glitters are curling, but you can't feel it on the nail at all, they do not stick out. Next I applied another layer of Miami pINK on top of Kitch Me for the sandwich.

The sandwich is very subtle, but I liked it. Most of all I like the colour and flakes of Miami pINK. Sparkly. Sparkly is good. I might be able to forgive the sheerness of it *winks*. If you absolutely dislike seeing your nail line, you can layer it over a creme. The Pinky And The Brain (also a Catrice polish) might be a good base to layer this over. I should try it sometime.

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