Monday, 14 October 2013

33DC2013 Day 10 - Flowers

What better polishes to use for today's flower prompt than flower inspired polishes? I have used the entire collection Eve In Bloom by Catrice for today's nail art. I have done flowers before, todays are completely different though.

 From left to right:

  • Catrice Eve In Bloom LE - C01 Bloomynous
  • Catrice Eve In Bloom LE - C02 Floralilac
  • Catrice Eve In Bloom LE - C03 Bed of flowers
  • Catrice Eve In Bloom LE - C04 Rosebuddy
  • Catrice Eve In Bloom LE - C05 Blossom you, blossom me

I started with a base of Bloomynous on my thumb, middle and ring finger. I am wearing Bed of Flowers on my index finger and Rosebuddy on my pinky.

Using a dotting tool I used different combinations to create simple flowers. I have petals of Bed of Flowers with Floralilac as center and flowers with petals of Rosebuddy with Blossom you, blossom me as center. I probably could have changed it up more and have inverted the flowers on the ring and middle finger. I did add extra flowers on my thumb though, it looked too empty with just the others *winks*.

All in all, I liked this, perhaps because it was so simple, yet the accent nails in solid colours make it work. I do like skitlettes!