Wednesday, 9 October 2013

33DC2013 Day 8 - Chevrons

After the debacle that was last Monday, I give you chevrons today! From one extreme to the next, I absolutely adored how this turned out. Credit goes to the lovely glitter topper I used and it's tinted jelly base.

For this mani I used two lovely NYC polishes:
  • NYC - 325 Raindrop
  • NYC - 032 Party time blue

Let's take a closer look at Party time blue:

This glitter topper has red and silver micro glitters and larger blue hexagons. This is all suspended in a blue jelly base, even though you can't tell from the bottle shot. Good thing I opened the bottle in the shop to look at it (I tend to so I can inspect the density), I might not have bought it otherwise! The blue jelly base makes this special, it does not look so very red on the nail at all.

I created the chevrons with crafting scissors and scotch tape. I just wish it would not tear that easily.

Just look at the blue glitter! Isn't it amazing? And it goes so lovely with Raindrop as well. I love this combination! The glitter went on smoothly, but I did move some of the larger hexes around, otherwise they'd insist on sticking to the tape part and not on the part of the nail I wanted to cover in glitter *winks*.

I did catch myself admiring my nails during work, which means I do love how this turned out. And I got a few compliments here and there as well *smiles*. I hope you enjoyed it and feel the urge to own Party time blue!


  1. These look amazing, do you wait for the nail varnish to dry before peeling the tape off?

    1. No, I take the tape off as soon as I am done painting it, so while it is still wet :)