Thursday, 10 October 2013

Liebster Award #2 - Yay!

I've been nominated for my second Liebster Award by nemonails. Thank you!

Because I've only recently received this reward and nominated 11 blogs myself the first time, I won't do that part again. But I will answer her questions!

1. What's your favorite kind of manicure to make/wear?
Any manicure that makes me want to look at my nails frequently. That equals success *nods*. I also like the feel of studs... it makes me touch my nails more often (probably wearing the top coat off *winks*).

2. When do you like to fit nail art into your schedule?
During the evening mostly.

3. We all know that funky nails can draw the eyes of random passers-by. What's your favorite story of a stranger reacting to your nail art?
I don't really have one... Mind you, I usually go to work by car (a.k.a. do not run into strangers travelling), see coworkers (not strangers), go home. I rarely get comments from strangers in stores. I've had a compliment once, but no real story to tell. For now!

4. What other hobbies/interests do you have, other than nail art?
Playing EQ2, reading books (fantasy mostly), though nail art consumes most of my time ;).

5. How much time do you typically dedicate to nail art, and how often?
I typically wear a manicure for two days, which means I do it in the evening, wear it for two days and take it off in the evening of day 2 again. Normally I have chipping by then anyway. The time is usually a few hours, depending what I do and if I already have a set idea in my head. Sometimes research takes up longer than the nail art itself. But I'd say 2 hours or so. Right now at least 3 times a week because I'm participating in The Crumpet's 33DC challenge.

6. What nail art tool do you use the most?
Dotting tools.

7. What inspired you to get into nail art?
(As I've had this question the first time I got the award, the answer is the same then as it is now) I blame my co-worker Mandy, she used stamping in a manicure one day and I curiously asked her about it. That started my search for nail art and ended up in this blog. Mandy was my first follower as well *smiles*

8. What is your favorite nail blog to follow?
I have several, but if I had to choose (sorry ladies) then it's Accio Lacquer. Mishka's writing is great, her pictures droolworthy and the gifs are the cherry on the cake. Plus I'm totally jealous of her indie collection!

9. Which design (of your own) are you most proud of?
Already published? Hmm, probably my 33DC Dots manicure. But there's a few more 33DC manicures to come that I love (Indian, Chinese, animals). I am working ahead in that challenge to have posts pre-scheduled during a trip to London *winks*.

10. Besides nail art, what else would you like to blog about?
Nothing right now, I've never been much of a writer. I never kept a journal when I was younger either.

11. And for fun, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I totally did some (non-scientific) "research" to be able to make a proper choice... it is hard. I pick Animal Mimicry, because then I can fly like a bird, run like a cheetah and climb walls like a spider amongst so many other things! Yes, best of everything all rolled into one.

Thanks again nemonails for the nomination! You should totally check out the cute dog tag she made for her dog Nemo!


  1. :) I love your art and your photography.
    You are so creative!

    1. *hugs* Thanks! Give Nemo a hug as well, he looks so cute!