Friday, 18 October 2013

33DC2013 Day 12 - Based on a pattern in your home

I am currently in London, so this post was scheduled beforehand. 

Today's nail art had to be based on a pattern in your home. I was stumped for a bit... until I looked at my window in my pc-room. My curtains! They are great to recreate as nail art. I'm going to show you the inspiration first. The curtains are simply white with black curvy lines flowing from top to bottom.

I used the following polishes:

From left to right:
  • Paris Memories - #234
  • Essence - 144 Black Is Back

I started with a base of the white Paris Memories. I needed 3 coats for an even coverage. It is a cheap polish that many Dutch bloggers seem to like, I hate it. I'm still on the lookout for a good white polish that will need a maximum of 2 coats. I have Sinful Colors Snow Me White on my wish list, I'm hoping that will satisfy me in my search for a good opaque white polish. It's not easy to get Sinful Colors here for a reasonable price. I'm not paying over €5 for a polish that's $2/£2 in the USA/UK. I am Dutch after all *winks*. When this post is published I will be in London actually, and I will search for it in a Boots!

When the white base was dry I added the curved lines with a nail art brush and Black Is Back. I have found that Black Is Back is prone to running when you add top coat, which is very annoying. You have to add top coat very carefully, using a good amount so you don't let the brush touch the polish. 

 It was a simple mani, but it looked nice nonetheless. I'm curious about everyone else's manicures! What kind of patterns do their homes hide? You can see it all down here *points at the inlinkz list*

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