Monday, 14 October 2013

Versatile Blogger Award - Yay!

Double yay! I got 2 nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award within a few days, I am honoured ladies *blushes*. Nominations came from the lovely Natalia from Polished Polyglot and from Glam-madam from Re-starting being glam. Thank you so much Natalia & Glam-madam!

The Rules:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Include a link to their blog.
  3. Select 15 new blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
  4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and let them know they've been nominated.
  5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
Now the hard part (for me anyway): 7 things about me:
  1. I own 7 Siamese cats, or do they own me?
  2. I like "bugs" (yes, that includes all sorts of insects and spiders). I think they're fascinating, especially the insect order Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps). During summer I like to touch the bumblebees, they are so soft...
  3. I don't feel comfortable in a crowd, too many people. I prefer animals and plants.
  4. I own a few Transformers... all transform into animals (surprising, eh?). The coolest are Inferno (Beast Wars, he is an ant, animal form is very accurate to a real ant), Retrax (a pill bug that can roll into a ball) and Spittor (a blue frog... it's blue and it's a frog, that says it all).
  5. I have a husband who likes to bake (such torture).
  6. I buy cd's, rip them and listen to the music on my pc. I have to have the cd itself... even if it sits on a shelf, I don't like the idea of just a download.
  7. In 1995 when I was in Pompei, Italy during a school trip we ran into Bob Saget. He was very well-known through the tv-series Full House during that time. Poor guy was ambushed by teenagers. A few days later we met him again in Siena, Italy. He did not have a quiet holiday... *chuckles*.

The blogs I nominate for The Versatile Blogger Award:
  1. Mina from Cubbiful
  2. Divya from Nail Art by Divya
  3. Daniela from Why only for parties?
  4. Jacqui from Craftynail
  5. Angela from SaltyStyle Nails
  6. Rachael from Racho's Nail Love
  7. Laura & Tasha from Lucky Lucky Lacquer
  8. Chanfie from Indian Ocean Polish
  9. Jessica from Be Happy and Buy Polish
  10. Becky from Pause For Polish
  11. Sarah from Penny-pinching Polish
  12. Marisa from Hey, Darling Polish
  13. Joy from Joyluscious
  14. Christine from Nail*ine It!
  15. Nada from Penguins Left Green Polish
*checks the list* Yes, that's it! Be sure to check my nominators and nominees blogs and give them some love!


  1. Thank you so much!!
    i always buy CDs too!

  2. Aaaw thank you so much!!

    I love Siamese cats! They're so gorgeous :D

  3. Awe thank you! I will get to this here in the next few days. I always buy CDs and put them on my computer. heh.

  4. Wow....thanks a lot...... m so honored.......... :)

  5. Thanks so much for nominating me : D x

    1. Hey, your hair colour is my favourite colour! Purple! And I like your nail art *nods*

  6. Thank you for nominating me! <3

    1. You're welcome, I'm still in love with your leaf mani... so gorgeous!

  7. Thanks for the nomination! : )

    1. :) Keep up the great manicures! I can't pick a favourite, I looooove studs.