Tuesday, 22 October 2013

London shop log

Hello all! I've spent past weekend in London (well, a loooong weekend, I returned yesterday evening). Of course I bought nail polish... my husband thinks too many, but I let him buy Transformers, so we're even. Let's look at my pretties!

This is everything! I've got more pictures for it all, except for the Models Own Neon Lip & Face Paint in Neon Pink I got as a freebie with my purchase and some L.A. Color Nail Polish Remover pads lemon scented. I had wanted to get some Sinful Colors... and according to the Boots website they should have sold them at the Boots on Oxford Street, but they didn't *looks sad*. I only now discovered I could have ordered them through the Boots website and have them delivered to a store (they only ship within UK and Ireland). I will definitely go that route next time I go to London!

Let's go to the Models Own polishes first. I got 4 shredded flakies (I actually only owned 1 flakie before I got these) and one from their Velvet Goth collection. They're all sealed in plastic still, but the Velvet Goth has a fuzzy cap, it dries matte.

From left to right:
  • Models Own - NP164 Mermaid Tears (Splash collection)
  • Models Own - NP161 Aqua Splash (Splash collection)
  • Models Own - NP145 Snowflakes (Wonderland collection)
  • Models Own - NP162 Golden Shore (Splash collection)
  • Models Own - NP178 Valerian (Velvet Goth collection)

I got these from the Models Own booth at Westfield Shopping Centre. This is a huge shopping centre, and I mean huge. Definitely worth a visit if you're in London. The Models Own booth was not that big, shaped like a polish bottle on it's side, spilling polish. Cute! You can see pictures here. There were so many pretties, but seeing as my wallet did not allow me to buy them all, I managed to get these 5. The polishes were £5 each, 6 for £20. I did buy 6 polishes, you only see 5 because I bought two bottles of Mermaid Tears, one for my best friend.

Next are my Barry M's:
  • Barry M - NP273 Raspberry
  • Barry M - MNP3 Caramel
  • Barry M - GNP10 Lychee

I could have bought the entire Gelly collection, I love those colours, but with £3,99 for the Gelly and Matte collection, £2,99 for the normal Nail Paints, I just can't afford to get them all. I also got 3 Barry M Nail Art Pens in white, black and silver, they were £4,99 each.

This pretty up there is Seventeen's Cameo Crush. I had seen swatches of this textured polish and it was on my wish list the moment I saw it. Had to hop into several Boots stores until I finally found it! This was £3,99.

From left to right we have:
  • MUA - Mayfair
  • MUA - Leicester Square
  • MUA - Regent Street

I bought these MUA Magnetic polishes at Superdrug. They were in a display with ordinary MUA polishes that are £1 each. I asked a nice lady that worked at Superdrug if these Magnetic polishes were also £1 seeing they were obviously placed in the wrong display. She said they were. At check-out they were in fact £3,50 each. Quite a difference! But because the nice lady had told me they were £1 and the store put them in the wrong display they actually let me buy them for £1 each! Yay!

The next polishes were all bought at Beauty Base in Whiteleys Shopping Centre near Bayswater station, they sell mostly perfumes and some make-up as well. They had these L.A. Colors polishes on sale for £0,99 each (they had newer collections for £1,99). I had not expected to stumble upon this brand, but I could not let them sit there for that price! Choosing was very hard though.

From left to right:
  • L.A. Colors - NP136 Black Velvet
  • L.A. Colors - CNP402 Energy Source
  • L.A. Colors - NP356 French Nails Crème
  • L.A. Colors - NP106 Red Carnation

From left to right:
  • L.A. Colors - NP472 Black Pearl
  • L.A. Colors - NP466 Voodoo
  • L.A. Colors - NP416 Radiation
  • L.A. Colors - NP444 Treasure Island

From left to right:
  • L.A. Colors - NP447 Jewel Tone
  • L.A. Colors - NP285 Metallic Pink
  • L.A. Colors - CNP512 Edgy
  • L.A. Colors - NP407 Power Outage

And as a bonus, I got my first OPI polishes today. Not officially part of the London shop log, since I got them here in NL, but wanted to show you them anyway. Plus if any other Dutch readers want them, hurry! OPI polishes retail here for €13-14 normally, way out of my budget. Big Bazar however currently has a couple of OPI Shatters for €1,99 each. Big Bazar buys old collections of different make-up brands and sells them cheaply. The colours they have are not always to my liking though. A few weeks ago they had Sally Hansens polishes, but none of the colours took my fancy. The OPI Shatters were also available in Gold Shatter and Red Shatter, but I did not get those two. I know crackle top coats are yesterday's news in nail blogger world, but it can be nice in a skittle mani nonetheless.

From left to right:
  • OPI - Black Shatter
  • OPI - Silver Shatter
  • OPI - Shatter The Scales
  • OPI - Super Bass Shatter
That's it for today! Tomorrow is 33DC day again, so I'll have some nail art for you!


  1. It's a shame you missed out on the Sinful Colors. I suspect they *are* in the Oxford Street store, but I often find in Boots that they don't put the Sinful Colors with the other nail polishes and I have to ask where they are. I've found them next to the lift and next to the tills before in two different stores.

    1. I even asked someone... they told me to try Boots at Bond Street station because that was a "flagship" store and they might have it (they didn't). Next time I will order online and have it delivered to a Boots near the hotel or something and just pick it up. Silly Royal Mail... can't even order anything and have it shipped here.