Wednesday, 16 October 2013

33DC2013 Day 11 - 3D

At first I did this mani for the texture prompt but later decided it suited the 3D one much much better. I wanted to do something original. A lot of different ideas crossed my mind, but sitting at my desk it came to me. I noticed a few pieces of bubble wrap, which were used to protect nail polishes I ordered. Bubble wrap is 3D, and very soothing too when you pop the bubble (and turn it more 2D) *winks*. I know I've had smaller sized bubble wrap with smaller sized bubbles, but it must have been tossed out with the (plastic) trash. I made do with the one I had.

I used a base of NYC 032 Blanco, a white polish with a delicate shimmer. I added a coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat (I chose this one because my opened bottle is tainted with shimmer from a previous manicure and therefore I can only use it with shimmers). When it was dry I added a second coat of top coat and while this was wet I carefully added a bubble that I had cut out and placed it on my nail. The bubbles were too big for my index finger and pinky, so those two have a half bubble... it represents the bubbles after they've been popped *winks*.

Yes, this mani is crazy... and not very functional, but I don't care. I'll just let you look at the silly nails now.

Have you ever done a crazy manicure disregarding practicality?


  1. This is so unexpected, it made chuckle!

  2. I had to take a closer look, so unexpected.

    1. :), hope you liked it. Sorry for the slow reply... just got back from a trip to London

  3. This was crazy but still fun! :D

  4. This made me giggle but how brilliant. I love it!