Saturday, 5 October 2013

I Love Nail Polish - Cygnus Loop

I have an amazing polish to show you today, you may have seen it on other blogs: I Love Nail Polish's Cygnus Loop. I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) is an Indie brand that was founded in 2012. Cygnus Loop is one of my first polishes of this brand. It is part of the Ultra Chrome collection that consists of 4 different multichrome polishes. I bought all four of them and I will show the others another time. The name Cygnus Loop is cleverly chosen, it is named after an area in space, the supernova remnant in the Cygnus constellation. A supernova remnant is actually the remains of an exploded star. The colours are very similar to the colours of the polish! Just look at it! Isn't space amazingly beautiful?


Well, so is this polish! ILNP come in a nice bottle with a great cap, it has a sort of rubbery finish that just feels great. There's a sticker on the bottom with the ILNP logo and polish name, you'll see it in the last two pictures.

I am wearing two coats of Cygnus Loop on it's own, no top coat. The first coat was a bit patchy, but it leveled out nicely with the second coat. It has a wonderful colour shift from blurple to purple to orange and copper. I have more pictures for you to gawk at!

I loved wearing this and looking at the colour shift. I got a lot of comments of people wanting to know what I was wearing. It is unlike any polish I have ever had before, I will have to wear the other Ultra Chromes soon to compare. I did find it chipped more easily than normal polishes, even with top coat. My nails are very chip prone though, by the second day I get chips, especially on my index fingernails. This one chipped after a day on one nail unfortunately, but it is still worth it! You can buy I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop at their website or their Etsy store.

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