Tuesday, 23 September 2014

31DC 2.0 - Metallic & The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents: Geometric - Silver Asa no Ha

Hi all!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but a combination of not wanting to take my previous mani off and my camera not wanting to auto-focus means you get this today (and also a Tri Polish Tuesday post later this evening!). This morning my camera still did not want to auto-focus, so I had to focus manually. I'm absolutely not experienced with the manual focus of my Nikon D60, but I did my best.

I'm combining yesterday's 31DC 2.0 Metallic prompt with a NCC one, because I have wanted to do Asa no Ha since I saw Very Emily's post. Also, my best friend gifted me The Final Frontier by Lucky 13 Lacquer. This polish is being discontinued and still being on a no-buy meant I could not grab it myself (sweet Kyoti already promised me I could always get it as a custom once I'm off my no-buy as she still has the ingredients). The Final Frontier is, obviously, inspired by Star Trek. It has tiny iridescent rainbow flecks and silver flecks (yes, real silver!) in a black jelly base. There is still some stock of this polish left and on sale, you can grab it here! Silver is a metal, so I thought this fit perfectly!

The pretties:
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - The Final Frontier
  • Mundo de Uñas - 18 Silver

The Final Frontier is a black jelly, you can get it opaque in about 3 coats by itself. I am wearing one coat of The Final Frontier on top of a black base. My thumb and ring finger also have a black base topped with the Asa no Ha pattern. I used Very Emily's tutorial, but you can also use LadyCrappo's tutorial, they are slightly different. The outcome is not perfect, but it's so tiny, you can hardly see the imperfections *chuckles*. It's also easier than it looks, you just need a very fine brush (I've got one that I cut to a few bristles that I used).

I did the Asa no Ha on my thumbnail first and it's slightly larger than the one on my ring fingernail (not intentionally). I really like this pattern, it's so intricate!

I'll enjoy these nails for a few days (the joys of doing the challenge mani's in a different order) until it is time to paint some Ladybugs! Will you attempt to do Asa no Ha?

More Geometric mani's down here!

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