Thursday, 18 September 2014

31DC 2.0 - Monochromatic

Hi all!

No GOT today, my burnt orange/copper polishes are non-existent. Yes, I know, I have hundreds of polishes, but no burnt orange or coppers. But it's okay, because I've got lots for you to see today anyway!

I had an urge to wear this beauty by Lucky 13 Lacquer today. It's gorgeous and sadly discontinued. But with a lot of discontinueds, if you contact Kyoti, she might make it for you as a custom if she has the ingredients needed. She's awesome like that. There is a sale of 15% off right now for polishes in this category only (which is nearly everything) if you use the code 2spooky4me (valid until Saturday 20th). Some older polishes are even marked down to $4 before this code! Total steal if you ask me.

Fuzzy on the Subject of Kneecaps is from the Do Not Open, Dead Inside (The Walking Dead) Ballad of Serenity collection (oops, got it wrong, bad me!). I'm not into zombies, but I do like this polish. It's a grey crelly filled with small silver and gunmetal grey hexes. I'm wearing 2 to 3 coats, depending how heavy I was with application. Thumb nail is 3 thinner coats, but the cinderella hand has mostly 2 thicker coats. It looks fine with 2 thin coats if you don't mind any visible nail line. It dries rather smooth, but I have one coat of HK Girl top coat here anyway.

Polishes, all grey, silver and black:
  • Lucky 13 Lacquer - Fuzzy on the Subject of Kneecaps
  • Catrice - LE NEONaturals - C05 Have A Good Day
  • NYC - 003 Prey of Grey
  • OPI - Push and Shove
  • Essence - LE Floral Grunge - 05 Black to the roots
  • Essence - Sparkle Sand Effect - 165 Here's my number
  • W7 - 28 Black

So, because I didn't know what to do, I have a mix and match skittle. Index finger is a simple plaid, middle finger a dotticure, ring finger some random geometric lines and on the little finger I've got some leopard spots. Not all nails I've used the same polishes.

And my thumb has a waterfall à la The Nailasaurus.

I have covered a lot of my pretty Kneecaps, but I've left my cinderella hand plain so I can enjoy the polish as well.



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