Friday, 26 September 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - September - Ladybugs/Ladybirds

Hi all!

N.A.I.L. is back! For more info, visit the lovely hosts: Brijits Digits, Craftynail, Eeeek Nail Polish! and Nail That Accent!

This week's theme is ladybug (or ladybird for those of us who prefer British English). I'm not sure why they chose this theme in September, because most ladybirds are gone from our garden. We have a few fruit shrubs that unfortunately attract aphids in spring and summer. Ladybirds are welcome guests for us as they feed on aphids, especially the larvae. The larvae are little ugly looking things, but cute in their own way. If you see these in your garden, do not kill them! They are good to have!

Today's lovelies:
  • Sinful Colors - 101 Snow Me White
  • Miss Helen - 24
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 643 Spring Green
  • OPI - NL 908 Front Lawn
  • W7 - 28 Black

On my desk sits a collection of a few drawers that holds nail art supplies and other random things. You can see them here. The design is by Vogue Cosmetics, they used to have a "Girl" line with these ladybirds on them (not anymore) and I picked up these drawers in a local drugstore for €1 each (I have 3 stacked on top of eachother, 6 in total).

My accent nail is two coats of Spring Green, a lovely textured polish, it's not too rough and has a golden shimmer. The other nails have Snow Me White base (2 coats). I used Front Lawn to draw the greens and added some Spring Green on top of it when it was dry. For the ladybirds I used dotting tools and a thin nail art brush. The ladybirds in the original pattern only have four legs... which is anatomically incorrect. All beetles belong to the Insect Class and have 6 legs, it's part of what defines an insect. So obviously mine got the correct number of legs. The ladybirds are by no means perfect, but they are very tiny, so I'm happy with them anyway. When it all dried I used one coat of HK Girl top coat on the ladybird nails.

You get to see the cinderella thumb for close up, because I botched up the other thumb before it was dry. It looks worse than this one *chuckles*.

Even though the ladybirds are not perfect, I love having these on my nail. I hope they last until tomorrow, because my best friend's oldest daughter is having her 7th birthday celebration. Yay!

More ladybirds below!


  1. Love your nails, and that accent nail is just perfect. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy with these and they're holding up fine (always a bonus)

  2. Wat een vrolijke mani! Erg leuk gedaan. Je nagels zijn ook erg mooi lang trouwens.

    1. Dank je! Ze worden nu wel erg lang, rechts zijn ze een stuk korter, dus ik ga ze wel iets korter vijlen morgen denk ik ;)

  3. Eeek these are adorable! Love how they appear to be crawling all over the greens too.

    1. Thanks, I love them as well (still have not taken them off in fact...)

  4. lovely ladybugs :)- whole design looks awesome!