Monday, 1 September 2014

31DC 2.0 - Red or orange

Hi all!

A lot of you have heard about the original 31 Day Challenge, but posting daily is just too much for me. So when I read about the alternative 31 Day Challenge, aptly named 2.0, which only does 2 manis a week, I thought it might be doable for me instead. I also like these prompts a lot. I am not sure if I'll manage to keep up though. I had a nearly complete nail break on Friday (while wearing tomorrow's mani) and I have patched it up friday evening with a piece of teabag and top coat (my nail glue was dried up). The mani I'll be showing you today was done friday evening, I am still wearing it now, albeit with huge chips here and there, except for on the patched nail. I might keep that nail intact for another prompt this week, too afraid to take the polish off and lose the patch. I wish I had gel polish that cures under a light to keep the patch on for a bit longer. Enough blabbing about my nearly broken nail... let's move on!

The red and not so red:
  • L.A. Girl - 3D Effects - GNL307 Sparkle Ruby
  • Catrice - 790 The Pinky And The Brain

Friday was hubby's birthday (with the celebration on Saturday), so I wanted my nails to match my top. The top I wore is pink with ruby leaves and flowers on it. As always I take out my swatch sticks to see which polishes match best. For the pink it was easy, choosing the red wasn't. I nearly went with a simple creme. Nearly. On my middle and ring finger I'm wearing two coats of Sparkle Ruby. It's such a gorgeous ruby red polish, I'm glad I picked this one to use. On my other nails I did two coats of The Pinky as a base and added leaves with a striping brush. Added a coat of G&G HK Girl top coat on all nails.

As you can see the holo sparkles in Sparkle Ruby even show up in the small amount I used for the leaves, it gives it just a little extra!

While I was editing the photo above I had to look twice, the glare makes it seem as if I have a huge chip on my ring fingernail. I swear that it is glare, that nail (and the little fingernail) has not chipped 3 days later! (All other 8 have though).This ruby red is my favourite kind of red as well, I like it more vampy than a classic red.

Have you joined the 31DC? Are you tempted to do this version instead? Let me know!




  1. These look lovely! Sparkle Ruby is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, and I totally agree about Sparkle Ruby's gorgeousness!

  2. I love the polish combination you made for this challenge. For me a daily challenge is to time consuming and that's why I take part just on weekly ones. I am sorry about your broken nail, I usually file them of when it happens, I am to lazy to repair it with the tea bag technique.

    1. Glad you like it! I hear you on the daily challenges, which is why this 31 day challenge is better for me, twice a week is doable. I tried the tea bag method this time because it broke very high up and filing them off would mean I would go to total nubbins. Not mentally ready for that yet *winks*.