Sunday, 14 September 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Art Deco & The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents: Geometric

Hi all!

I'm very excited to show you today's nails, because I'm so happy with the results! I was a bit daunted with the Art Deco prompt at first, until I realised I could do a more geometric style mani. I joined The Nail Challenge Collaborative only last week and the September month is all about geometric manis. Perfect timing! A bit of google searching and I found this gem of a page. My mani idea was born!

Right, let's get to the polishes!

Today's beauties:
  • Catrice - 48 Emerald Bay
  • Essence - LE Superheroes - 05 Wonder Wow! Man!
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • Essence - Sparkle Sand Effect - 165 Here's My Number

All nails except my ring fingernail have two coats of Emerald Bay. On my ringfinger I've got a black base and one coat of Here's my number. The latter is a more dark grey on it's own and since I do not own a black textured polish, I wanted it to be a bit darker.

My original plan was to add triangles in black on all nails using striping tape. I did my thumb, thought it was such a hassle and just freehanded everything else. My index finger was not intended to be like that either. I had painted the outlines of a black triangle at my cuticle end and was filling it with a small nail art brush and some black polish. This particular brush is one I've bought in a set of a dozen (same size) or so and mid-paint the part with the bristles fell off the wooden handle. Leaving a black blob higher up my nail. So I did a cover-up. All the fine lines were done with a thin striping brush. I know nothing is perfectly straight, and I don't care.

I'm very happy with this mani and each time I do finer lines I get better at it! So, try it!

More Art Deco down here!

More Geometric down here!


  1. I love the design on your thumb & middle finger! And that Catrice green is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Those two nails are my favourites too!

  2. Oh, wow, this is a gorgeous color combination and the geometric patterns came out perfect. I am very anxious to see your future challenge manicures!

    1. When I saw that website I linked I knew I had to use those exact colours.

  3. I love this entire look! Great job!

    1. Thanks, I was sad when I took it off earlier today *pouts*