Thursday, 20 March 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Ruffle mani

Hi all!

Today you'll see my first ever ruffle mani. And perhaps my last as well. This is time-consuming, but can look very nice. Obviously I used Chalkboard Nails' tutorial, and hers look perfect. Mine... not really.

All the polishes I used, it's quite a list:
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - F24
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - S1
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - S3
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - F1
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - S10
  • Make Me Up Digital Color Cream - L61

I got all these polishes at a local drugstore, they have them in a 3 for € 5 "display" (it's more of a container full of polishes you can dig through).

I started with a base of F24, a taupe creme. Next I randomly assorted the colours and started dotting... it's not perfect, nor do the rows of dots align neatly across my nails. It took forever... well it sure felt like it. I cheated on my right hand and only did 2 nails there. This is a strange assortment of colours, but it looks interesting. I just did not really love these. The fact that the right hand had a chip after a day gave me enough excuse to remove it again.

I doubt I'll be doing a full ruffle mani again, but I might use it as an accent. Might. Have you done a ruffle mani before?

Do give the other ladies your attention, they also had the patience to do ruffles! *points down*

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