Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - Frogs!

Hi all!

Today's the last Tri Polish Tuesday of this month! And I have frogs on my nails! Yay! I absolutely adore frogs, they're so cute.

This week's green, blue and purple polishes:

And my favourite VividLacquer stamping plate VL012, obviously, because it has frog images! Ok the gekko is cute too... I bought this plate with a few others during the Black Friday sale... and yes it took me this long to actually use it. I did admire it whenever I was looking through my stamping plates *nods*

I am wearing a base of ApHolo 7, one coat only. I stamped the full nail image on my thumb, middle and ring finger, dabbing the aqua and lilac stamping polish on the image randomly. Hence the blending of colours. I used the single frog image on my index finger and pinky, and those nails might be my favourites. To make it more interesting I stamped the single frog using the metallic violet polish on top of the full image on my ring finger and thumb. It was all topcoated with G&G HK Girl top coat.

Note to self: VividLacquer plates work better with a hard surface stamper (fauxnad), not so much with the squishy one. Now hopefully I'll remember this...

I absolutely adored wearing these. Because... froggies!

Next week we'll have new colours to work with for the Tri Polish Tuesdays...

Also, I have swatches of all the Catrice Holomania polishes, just haven't edited the photos yet. Would you like to see them even if most of you can't get these polishes? I even have some comparison pics with ILNP holos.

Don't forget to give the other ladies your love too! *points to the blue frog and the other links*