Monday, 3 March 2014

Swatch : I Love Nail Polish - 1st and 15th

Hi all,

Sometimes I just like to wear a pretty polish, no frills. Or when I look at the clock and wonder where my evening went and don't have time for nail art *winks*. So here is a lovely linear holographic polish from I Love Nail Polish for you!

This is the lovely bottle and packaging from I Love Nail Polish, 1st and 15th is a lovely green holo that was part of my birthday haul. ILNP puts it in their "Ultra Holo" class. It is a great linear holo, no subtleness here!

As with my other ILNP holos, this was 2 easy coats with top coat. It's a gorgeous sea-green, lovely colour to wear in spring or summer.

And we had some sunlight! I took advantage of it and even have two sunlight photos to show you. Isn't that a lovely bend? Lovely teal flashes, it is amazing. A perfect mermaid colour!

I just don't have words for how lovely this polish is. I adore all my ILNP holos, they're all breathtaking. You can get this polish at the ILNP website here for $10.