Thursday, 6 March 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Skittle

Hi all!

Today's GOT theme is skittle. A skittle mani means all nails are different, but there's usually something that ties them together, like colour or a pattern. I decided to use my loose glitters, I bought a set on eBay in a bunch of different colours. Most are translucent though, so I am using a white polish as a base.

We have Make Me Up Digital Color Cream in L15 (white creme) and glitters in red, orange, yellow, purple and green (yes, the colours Skittles come in).

My base is 3 coats of the white polish, it's one of those polishes I bought at a local drugstore in a 3 for €5 sale. It's not as opaque as I'd like. I added a layer of topcoat and placed the glitters with an orange stick. Sealed it with topcoat, and that's that. I am a bit disappointed with the glitters, they look much more vibrant in the jar, but on the nail it's hard to see the difference between yellow (middle finger) and green (pinky). Oh well...

I think I prefer solid coloured glitters over these ones, or perhaps I need to figure out how they work best. Any suggestions?

Check below for more skittle manis!