Monday, 10 March 2014

Swatch: L.A. Girl - Purple Effect

Hi all!

I've been wearing a few of my L.A. Girl polishes lately... they are just so gorgeous. Just a short post today to show you this beauty!

*sighs* I adore this... what you see is 2 easy coats, with topcoat. It does shine like this without topcoat though. And this shade of purple... perfect.

And the sparkles! Rainbow sparkles... ♥♥♥

I got mine at Cherry Culture, but most colours are sold out there unfortunately. The L.A. Girl website still has them here and so do here.


  1. This nail polish is soooo beautiful!! :O

  2. Oh my soul!!! I am so in love with these 3D polishes and i really really really hope they come to SA. I am weeping for them. This is beautiful!

    1. From what I gather these are from last year... I only found out about their existence through Craftynail, they don't sell these over here