Thursday, 27 March 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Yellow / Peach

Hi all!

For today's Golden Oldie Thursday we have to use yellow or peach. I wasn't feeling like yellow, so I went with peach. I used the oldest ones I have, but I've had them for less than a year, more like around 11 months. Neither of them has seen this blog though. Until now!

The peachy lovelies:
  • Catrice - LE Candy Shock - C03 Bring Me Peach
  • Catrice - 03 Papa Don't Peach

I'm keeping it simple today with just some stamping using MoYou London's Fairytale 05.

Bring Me Peach is a lovely colour, I am wearing 3 coats and it dries matte. I stamped with Papa Don't Peach and the part of the plate that is the dress of the princess. I did not topcoat this because of the matte Bring Me Peach and I didn't want to glossy it all up.

Do you crave for a juicy ripe peach as well? I'll have to wait a few more months for a home-grown one though... but our little peach tree gets yummy small peaches, so it is worth the wait!

Next week we have a new spiffy banner with the new themes for the coming months!

For more peachy cravings, check the others!

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