Monday, 26 May 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Nature

Hi all!

This week's theme is Nature, which is very versatile. I had wanted to combine this with the  MoYou London's 10K IG challenge, but their theme for Sunday was "Movies". My favourite nature film is "Microcosmos", but that doesn't translate well to stamping considering the plates I own (would be great for freehand nail art obviously). For today the theme is Texture... curious what I did? Read on!

Today's polishes, from left to right:
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 638 Taupe
  • KIKO - Sugar Mat - 644 Sea Blue
  • P2 - Sand Style - 050 confidential
  • Essence - Stampy polish white
  • OPI - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
  • Koh - 185 Coral!

And MoYou London's Sailor Collection 04. I don't use this plate much, most of my nails have grown too long for this image size.

I started with a gradient of my textured polishes of today, from Taupe to Blue Sea to Confidential... depicting the beach and ocean. I stamped with white and then coloured some of the stamps with the other colours (or mixtures). I also added a wave on my middle and ring fingers with both blue textured polishes, although it's not that visible. Trust me it's there. No top coat obviously.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. I hope you're not tired of stamping yet, I do try to change it up and not just use plain stamping though. I have a total non-stamping mani I did on Friday after my OPI/China Glaze nail mail because I was itching to use some of the new pretties... you'll see that one "soon"

Don't forget out the other pretty nature mani's!