Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - May - Cute animals

Hi all!

Another Tri Polish Tuesday with the strange colours... and another MoYou London's 10K IG challenge mani as well. Today I'm also showing a tiny bit of a Koh polish. Koh is a Dutch expensive brand going for € 14,99 a polish (compared to Catrice € 2,99/€ 3,59). I am not spending that much on a single polish. I do own 3 Koh's though, but those were gifts from my mum. My mum is a member of De Bijenkorf (department store) and also got these in gift bags on special member evenings. Today's Koh is the only one with a name/number label, and it's annoyingly in the front (yes, that annoys me). My 2 other Koh's lost their sticker (or it was removed on purpose before going into the gift bag) and I have no clue which colours they are. A lot of Koh's look similar on their website... not many swatches exist online... so who knows? Mystery polishes. And now I'm rambling.... let's get to the actual mani for today!

This week's green, red and purple (and black):
  • NYC - 035 Cupcakes and Latte
  • Koh - 185 Coral!
  • Essence - 149 Hello marshmallow! (new edition 2014)
  • Essence - Stampy polish black

And again MoYou London plates, Mother Nature (Landscape) 03 and 04.

Because this month's colour combination is a hard one, I decided to keep it simple. A minty green base with Cupcakes and Latte (2 easy coats) and dots with either Hello marshmallow or Coral! Next I stamped some cute animals from the Mother Nature 03 and 04 plates in black. G&G HK Girl top coat on top. Coral! did have a tendency to bleed sadly.

Isn't he cute?

Which animal is your favourite? I'm torn between the fox and the raccoon *winks*.

Don't forget to check the other ladies! See how creative they were with these colours!

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