Thursday, 22 May 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - With Bling

Hi all!

A late post... I didn't manage to get the photos edited in time for my normal scheduling time. This week's Golden Oldie Thursday prompt is "with bling", and the MoYou London's 10K IG challenge has flowers for today... So I bring you nude with blingy flowers *winks*. My nude has been discontinued now (the entire Ultimate Nudes line has, but some nudes did get transferred to the core collection), so has my glitter topper (Sparkles by Julie closed shop, some polishes still available at Mei Mei's. This indie was in the first bunch of indies I bought at Mei Mei's Signatures about a year ago.

Today's polishes:
  • Catrice - Ultimate Nudes - 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame
  • Sparkles by Julie - Sugah!
  • Essence - Stampy polish white

And using the flowers (top, left side of center) from Mother Nature (Landscape) 04.

I don't wear nudes often, but this week I've been tired at work, I even had naked nails on Wednesday! I normally never go without polish, alright I did wear a base coat, but nothing else. Then I thought... naked nails... I could do nude for GOT! I've been in love with this manicure by Manicurity since I saw it. Obviously I used this for inspiration as my mani is different *winks*. I didn't do a gradient on all nails, I used flowers instead of snowflakes and my glitter topper is different. Sadly I needed 3 coats to get this nude opaque, such a shame, it did dry fast though.

This glitter topper has some iridescent glitters and holographic microglitter, which does give this some bling! The long bar glitter is not everyone's cup of tea and I do prefer shorter bars as well, these long ones are more prone to misbehave compared to it's shorter siblings.

I am really enjoying this mani, it's subtle yet interesting. It'll get another day of wear tomorrow, and then I'll most likely slap something else on *winks*


  1. These are so wonderful, the stamping looks so delicate!

    1. I know! I felt very sophisticated wearing this mani ;)