Thursday, 1 May 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Flowers

Hi all!

After all the watermarbling of my last 2 posts, I decided to go for something simple. Simple flowers make for something lovely.

My two oldies for today:
  • Essence - 125 Absolutely blue
  • Catrice - 890 How I Matt Your Mother

Both of these are over a year old, but I probably own How I Matt Your Mother longest of these two.

I am wearing two coats of Absolutely blue, and no, my camera is not fooling you, this polish isn't blue. It's more periwinkle leaning on the purple side. Still a lovely colour. I added this pattern of small flowers with dots using a small nail art brush. It's actually on my Pueen 70 stamping plate, but I decided to freehand this today. For my thumb and  ring finger I made one big flower instead of the small ones instead.

I really like how this turned out, I could've used a dotting tool for the dots, but I was too lazy and used the brush. It was in my hand anyway.

More pretty flowers for you down here *points to the Inlinkz*


  1. This manicure is really pretty! The big flowers look really really cool! :)