Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - May - Tape Mani

Hi all!

After I shortened my nails I wore one of my favourite polishes for comfort. After a day I turned it into today's mani. It's a semi-fail. Push and Shove did not behave like I wanted it too with striping tape involved. You'll get to see it anyway!

The favourite and the newly acquired:
  • L.A. Girl - 3D Effects - Brilliant Blue
  • OPI - Push and Shove

I'm wearing two coats of Brilliant Blue, you can see a swatch here. I placed striping tape on my nails for a french tip with a twist (absolutely inspired by Hey, Darling Polish). I used Push and Shove to paint over the tape... this polish is finicky. I did remove the tape straight away, but the polish on top of the tape did not want to let go of the rest. Hence the wonky lines. These photos are without top coat. Top coat does change the look of Push and Shove and I didn't like it much.

♥ Brilliant Blue, it's so sparkly and deep. I will continue experimenting with Push and Shove to see how it can be used in nail art. Do you have this OPI? Does it behave for you?

Check how the others used tape down here!


  1. These are really pretty!! I love the 2 polishes together even if Push and Shove was giving you issues. Looks great :D

    1. :) Thanks! P&S is lovely... but without a manual to it, it will be hit and miss figuring out what I can use it for.