Friday, 23 May 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - May - Emerald

Hi all!

I have been sitting on this mani since Elfia (Elf Fantasy Fair, Haarzuilens 2014), as today's mani is what I wore for that event. I wasn't able to fit this mani in earlier... but this week's theme Emerald is perfect! Emerald green... so lovely!

Green for today:

And I stamped with PUEEN 55, using the leafy image on the top left.

As with all my other ILNP holos, this applied like a dream in two easy coats. Even if this was a colour released for the Christmas season 2013, it is a gorgeous green linear holo. I love green polishes and this goes well any time of the year. Using the Mundo de Uñas green stamping polish I added the leafy design from Pueen 55. I finished this with G&G HK Girl top coat (the only top coat I used since June 2013).

Look at this sparkle! It has blue flashes and that makes it so gorgeous, I absolutely adored wearing this and going ooh and ahh at my own nails. Yes I am weird like that.

Happy mani... what else would a Dwarven druid wish for? It's green and it has leaves! Obviously I drank mead beer at Elfia in style *nods*.

Don't forget to give the other "emeralds" some love as well!


  1. What a lovely nail art! I love both the nail polishes you choosed both the stamping plate!

    1. Thanks! The Pueen plates are just lovely!

  2. This is seriously so so stunning! Great job!

    1. :) Glad you like it! I admit I did stare at my own nails a lot when I wore this ;)