Thursday, 8 May 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Neon

Hi all!

Today's Golden Oldie Thursday! Yay! And we are using neons! Yay! These neons are probably around 11 months old though, but they were my first neon polishes, so they are my oldest. I got these in a set of all 6 at Action last year. I've seen them there again this year, but Action always stocks whatever there is. One day they have lots of different nail stuff, the next they have little. I'm again combining this mani with MoYou London's 10K IG challenge, the theme for May 8th is Food. So let's look at what I came up with!

The pretty polishes in a row:
  • Paris Memories - #234
  • Max - Smashing Orange
  • Max - Flashing Yellow
  • Max - Screaming Green
  • Max - Shocking Blue 
  • Max - Splashing Purple
  • Max - Kicking Pink 
  • Essence - Stampy polish black

And for food I used acorns, apples and mushrooms from MoYou London's Mother Nature (Landscape) 03 and fish and shellfish from Sailor 04.

I used the Distressed technique to add dry swipes of each of the neon polishes to my white base. After this dried I stamped using several "food" items randomly across my nails. My goal was to make this look like some sort of graffiti art wall. The challenge was finding the "food" images. I do have some real food-type images on my Gals plates, but I had to use MoYou London's, so I was a bit limited.

I'm very pleased with how this turned out, even if the neon is not very visible.

For more neon, check the other mani's below!

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