Saturday, 24 May 2014

PUEEN Cosmetics Stamping Buffet 24B set - overview

Hi all!

Yesterday you saw me use one of the PUEEN Stamping Buffet plates I bought a while back. I think they're gorgeous, and I've decided to show you all of them in one post! So be warned, this is a very picture heavy post!

This is how you receive your set, it comes in a faux leather case with 14 double sided plastic sleeves that can hold 28 plates. There are 24 plates in this set, so you could use the spare 4 sleeves for other plates of the same size. My Gals plates have the exact same size as these PUEEN ones. They're about 5,5 cm in diameter. PUEEN also sells empty cases, these small ones, but also larger ones. I'm very tempted to get them to store my Gals plates. My Gals plate sets each came in a box, but they've seen better days, plus it's not so easy to look through them.

The plates are protected by a protective layer of blue film which easily comes off.

I photographed each plate, because I like to add them to my blog posts if I used one. There's a lovely mix of designs in this set. I've included all of them, so scroll and browse through them! I've only used a few so far (I blame MoYou's challenge), but I added links to the mani's I did. I might keep this post updated as I use more and more of these plates though.

PUEEN 55 used here.

PUEEN 66 used here.

PUEEN 72 used here.

PUEEN 73 used here.

I really love these plates and I'm so glad I decided to buy this set. Compared to other brands, this set is good value for money as you get so many plates with interesting designs. You can buy PUEEN on their own website, or through Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR). And do check out their Facebook page, because they are giving sneak peeks of their new special edition set called Encore. It will be released in June and they are double-sided (etched on two sides)! Very interesting, and probably bad for my wallet *winks*.

What's your favourite plate in this set? Let me know!


  1. I just got introduced to Pueen with their water decals (which are really awesome), and after seeing these gorgeous plates, I think I need more Pueen in my life, lol! Now, you are asking for a favorite? Not sure, as I can see myself using every single one of them! But I do have a question, as the plates are 5.5 cm am I right to think that the images are small and would work great for small nails? Please say yes!! I have super itty bitty small nails, and been looking for a good set

    1. These plates are great for all nail sizes, because they're one big image. Let's take PUEEN 55: I'll give you exact measurements along the lines where the 4 images connect. From top of the actual image to where it stops down where the PUEEN name is: 46mm, from left to right: 48mm. My nails are about 12 to 13 mm wide (pinky 8mm, thumb 16mm) for comparison. Also, there are a few other bloggers that made size comparisons, you can find a good one here: or here:
      Neither lists the MoYou London sizes, but those are 12 x 15mm for the small ones and 15 x 22mm for the XL plates. So I suggest you just measure your nails and see which plates would be good for you. I don't think you can go wrong with this Buffet set though!

    2. Thanks you, off to put it in my Amazon shopping cart! Really like this set, and has a good variety of images

    3. Ooohh! Exciting! I hope you have it soon so you can start stamping!

  2. Handig dat je ze allemaal op de foto hebt gezet! Zitten een hoop leuke patroontjes tussen.

    1. :) Er zitten inderdaad veel leuke patroontjes tussen, en ook zo divers!