Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays - May - Stars in green and purple

Hi all!

Just something simple for today. As you'll notice, I skipped red for this week. I'll be glad with new colours next week though! Also keeping the chatter short, I'm trying to fix a broken nail (index finger) with a tea bag as I'm writing up this post... I so don't want to have to go to shorties again...

From left to right:

And let's not forget MoYou London's Fairytale collection 01.

Two coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base, and multiple stamping with green and purple using the stars from the bottom left corner. That's all there's to it really *winks*.

I actually like my thumb nail best, all those greens and purples do work for a strange reason!

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  1. This is just gorgeous! I absolutely love it!!

  2. These are really pretty!! That stamp is really cool (: