Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil 3 Day Challenge & review

My instagram photo of the prize I won
Hi all!

As those of you reading along on Facebook or Instagram might know, I won a Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil pen in a Flash Friday giveaway held by Simple Nail Art Tips (creator of the nail oil). She has those giveaways on Facebook 3 times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), although she's got a much bigger giveaway going on right now to celebrate her 10000 Facebook likes. At the time my pen arrived (within a week after sending it off!) I still had my slightly longer nails. Unfortunately I already had a tear in the side wall of my middle finger nail, I encircled it in the photo below.

Besides the tear, you can see I also had some dryness going on. Especially on my index finger I always have some dry spots along the side of my finger. I try to apply nail oil regularly, but I haven't been very good at keeping it up. The products I have been using were a cheap Kruidvat nail oil and Glisten & Glow Glis-tics cuticle oil in Summer Sorbet scent. I once got the Glis-tics for free with an order I did for the G&G HK Girl top coat with Mei Mei's Signatures. She added one to five orders randomly during the introduction of that brand to her shop. I don't like the Summer Sorbet scent at all, it smells extremely sweet and heavy. It's just too much for my liking. Mind you, one of my coworkers adores the scent, so it's just a matter of personal preference.

After my Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil arrived I went ahead and chopped all my nails down to nubs. Quite drastic, but fixing the tear wouldn't work for me and it was in such a delicate spot I'd rather chop it down myself than having the tear get worse. I decided to go ahead with the 3 day challenge right away, which means I applied this oil for 3 days whenever I could on naked nails and let it soak in well. You can already see the change after the first application! Goodbye dryness!

The Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil comes in a pen with bristles to apply the oil. You twist the bottom of the pen to push the oil towards the bristles. It applies easily and the bristles are very soft. This oil is primarily jojoba oil and it is a thin oil, it does not feel thick like pure olive oil feels. It gets absorbed quickly which is always a plus for me. And the scent... this comes in fragrance free and the Crisp scent. I'm not a person to like a lot of scents, picking a perfume is an ordeal for me as I don't like most perfumes at all (I wear Hugo Boss - Deep Red if you're curious). Some perfumes are so overpowering it makes me sick. Crisp is a scent made in heaven. I am not kidding, but I keep smelling my nails... they smell so delicious! Crisp is a blend of lemon zest, pink grapefruit, pomegranate and vanilla. To me it does not smell citruslike at all, my nose picks up the vanilla most. Not pure vanilla, but it does smell fresh and warm if that makes sense. I adore it!

After those 3 days of wearing nothing on my nails besides this oil, I did apply nail polish again. I tried to use the oil frequently to keep my cuticles moisturised. I've been using this for over a week now and I plan on using it for a long time to come. I just hope my pen doesn't run out before my refill order arrives!

If you've been wanting to try this nail oil, in just a few days the semi-annual sale starts! The sale lasts from July 1st to 7th, the next sale will be in January next year. Seems like a good time to pick up a starter set if you ask me! Don't forget to visit and get some goodness of your own, your nails will thank you for it, I promise!


  1. Nice! Good to see your nails loved it! ;) ....but uhm.. Summer Sorbet smells HEAVENLY! Nice blog, thanks :)

    1. Yes sweetie, the remaining Summer Sorbet is all yours ;)