Monday, 9 June 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Cocktail Nails

Hi all!

This week's theme is Cocktail Nails. The first thing I thought about is the motion picture Cocktail from 1988. I probably only watched this a few years later when it came out on tv, but I clearly remember liking it back then. Mind you I was a teen then and Tom Cruise was probably the swoonworthiest actor for a teen girl in those days. Anyways... my mani was inspired by the official movie poster, most specifically the colours used.

Today's pretties:
  • Catrice - 790/27 The Pinky And The Brain
  • Catrice - 14 Purple Reign
  • Mundo de Uñas - 18 Silver

I used my Simples saran wrap mani as a base. On my index, middle and little finger I did some pink outlines, which is supposed to resemble the neon pink sign from the poster. I added a simple martini glass filled with a pinkish cocktail mix. I didn't want to add another colour so I decided not to add a slice of lime or lemon on the rim.

My thumbnail depicts the Cocktail logo from the film. Sadly it doesn't glow like the real neon... but it is a decent enough try in my opinion.

Have you seen this film? Thoughts? Memories? Good? Bad? My most vivid is the theme song... Kokomo by the Beach Boys! Sorry... I had to.... you know you want to hit that play button!

And more cocktail mani's in the InLinkz!


  1. Those colors.... so perfectly 80's... and a great match for the movie. I love how this mani turned out!

    1. I adore the colours as well, was glad I could match it with the polishes I have :)