Monday, 30 June 2014

Swatch: Lucky 13 Lacquer - Who Is That Mysterious Lady?

Hi all!

Last week I had mostly bare nails, except for the days I wore the beautiful lady I'll be showing you today. You must all know by now that Lucky 13 Lacquer is one of my favourite indie brands. It's probably partly because of all the fandom inspired polishes, I am a geek, and because L13L's creator Kyoti is such a sweetheart. Today's lovely is exclusively available from Lucky 13 Lacquer's stockist Mei Mei's Signatures. There are 3 exclusive polishes in total in the Mystical Woodland collection and the green one is on my wish list as well. Unfortunately only the glitter topper is available at the moment, perhaps if you nudge Mei Mei she will restock the others soon.

First of all, I have to tell you these photos are colour corrected. My camera made it too violet. So I fiddled around with the saturation to get them closer to how the polish actually looks. This is an old rose pink filled with hex glitters in silver, brown and green. It's also laced with a gorgeous gold shimmer. I'm wearing two coats with one coat of HK Girl. This polish dries pretty smooth (not glitter hungry at all).

Even though I'm not a pink polish girl, I do have some clothing with rose pink, because that colour suits me well. Sometimes I like to colour coordinate my outfit to my polish (or the other way around), which is why I decided to buy this polish anyway. I enjoyed wearing this beauty, because this colour is soothing to me.

Did any of you manage to pick up this polish (or any of the Mystical Woodland trio)? Would you if it is restocked? Let me know!


  1. Pretty jelly ! I looks good on you indeed :)

  2. This is so pretty! I love Lucky 13 Lacquer! (;