Sunday, 15 June 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet - Cartoon/Comic

Hi all!

Today I have lazy nail art for you... extremely lazy. But to compensate, I do have more photos and awesome Transformers! Yes, you read that right, for this week's Cartoon/Comic theme I did Transformers. For me that's quite obvious, the hubby is a collector (4 IKEA Detolf cabinets full so far) and I have a couple as well. I did watch the Transformers cartoons when I was young myself, but I can't name them like hubby can. Anyway, I also used a 'transforming' ultra-chrome polish!

Today's polishes:
  •  I Love Nail Polish - Birefringence
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat

I am wearing 3 coats of Birefringence on it's own, no black base. It's very hard to photograph, and the colour goes from teal to blue to purple to wine-red to gold. In most angles it's teal to purple. To try and capture the different colours you'll see some odd hand poses. For my "nail art" I simply added some stickers on my nails. Hubby recently bought some to redo the stickers/decals on some of his old Transformers and got this small sheet with the white logos on a clear background in several sizes. It was quite easy to apply and stuck to my nail pretty nicely. I did add top coat to seal it in. On my ring finger is the Decepticon logo, the evil ones and on my thumb I have the Autobot logo.

Meet Spittor, my cool blue frog, he's from the original Beast Wars (released in 1997). This poisonous Decepticon can spit his poison quite some distance. This one sits near my computer monitor. I have all my Transformers in their animal mode, because the bot mode is not as interesting to me. I only have some animal ones (mostly insects).

This is Dinobot Slash, an Autobot (goodie) and he's from the 2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. Slash is not mine, he lives on hubby's desk (until it finds a spot in a cabinet). I must say these newer ones are all with great detail and colours and some rubbery pieces (like the yellow spikes on his back and his tail). And they're dino's.

I hope I didn't bore you with my blabbing about toys. Tuesday I'll have some proper nail art for you again!

More cartoon or comic based mani's below!


  1. THAT DINOSAUR! I love him and your nails (; That polish is lovely!

    1. Slash is a cute one *nods*, and you can't go wrong with an ILNP multi chrome ;)

  2. So cool! The shifting really works nicely with the decals!

    1. Whoops, "shifting colors"!

    2. Thanks! Whenever I'm wearing a multi chrome polish I can't help moving my hands around to see all the shifts in colour, they're so lovely