Friday, 6 June 2014

Nail Art Ideas Linkup - June - Leopard

Hi all!

This month's Nail Linkup is one week shorter, but it does not make it less fun! This week is all about leopard... it's been a while since I last did a leopard print on my nails *gasp*. About time I did one again! Also... I have been longing to use one of my Polish Me Silly giveaway wins! I actually won Very Emily's giveaway for two of the new neon glitter toppers Polish Me Silly released recently. They're all so gorgeous, choosing was not easy. But I did... let's take a look!

Today we have neon and black (and Barry M's white nail art pen that accidentally did not get in the lineup... oops):
  • W7 - 28 Black
  • Polish Me Silly - Eye Candy
  • Max - Smashing Orange
  • Max - Flashing Yellow
  • Max - Screaming Green
  • Max - Shocking Blue 
  • Max - Kicking Pink

Base: 2 coats of Black. On my thumb and ring finger I added two coats of Eye Candy. Eye Candy is stuffed with neon glitter in yellow, orange, green, pink and blue. This includes hexes in several sizes, tiny bars (these behave, do not worry) and stars. The stars only come in yellow, green and pink though. Application was dead easy and fishing for the stars was not needed at all. This is like a party in a bottle! So happy! I decided to pair my leopard spots with the neon colours in Eye Candy. I blobbed the neons in random spots on the remaining nails. I did go over them twice because these neon polishes are not that opaque over black. When it dried I went in with my Barry M nail art pen for the outlines and filler dots in white. Everything is topcoated with G&G HK Girl top coat.

Doesn't this look lovely? And those stars ★★★★★

I'm still rocking this mani as we speak... will be hard to take it off to prepare for my next post though. Have you tried any Polish Me Silly's? Their thermals are still on my wishlist!

More leopards, rawr, down here!


  1. These are awesome! I love the white leopard print over the black polish, such a cool idea (:

    1. *cheers* Glad you like them! I felt like using a black instead of a white base for Eye Candy, so these leopard prints were (to me) a logical way to do them

  2. whoa i love all the colors you used!

    1. Thanks, I had to match Eye Candy's colours... it's super bright and happy

  3. Woow, gorgeous. I love ur stars..and ur leopard nail with many colors and textures. God Bless U

    1. Thank you! Obviously the stars are all Polish Me Silly's work... they know how to do neon glitter toppers!