Sunday, 8 June 2014

Simples - Week 4 - Saran Wrap

Hi all!

A few weeks ago The Crumpet started a series to make nail art something less daunting and more easily accessable by those who are just starting out. We all started somewhere simple, and what better way to learn than to do so in easy steps? Hence the Simples were born. Awesome idea by The Crumpet. I've been too busy to start up during the first weeks, but with this long weekend I decided to join in as well. There are no inlinkz and stuffs like with other challenges, but there is a Facebook group where we can post our mani's each week, you can find it here. It's good to see new faces trying their first nail art and getting confident that they can do it too! Because they can! Enough rambling from me... this week is all about the Saran Wrap. The Crumpet even did a video how-to for it. I do it slightly different, I paint my second colour and then dab the polish away with some cling film. Works both ways, whichever you find easiest.

Today's polishes:
  • Catrice - 790/27 The Pinky And The Brain
  • Catrice - 14 Purple Reign

I started with my base of The Pinky And The Brain, 2 coats. When it dried I added a coat of Purple Reign and then dabbed away polish with a ball of plastic (in this case a ball of bubble wrap). I topcoated with G&G HK Girl top coat and I'm done. If you do it with bold colours like this, it's interesting enough to wear just like this. If you use softer colours it is perfect as a background for other nail art.

I chose these colours for a specific reason.... which is my FingerFood's Theme Buffet mani that will be up next (later today or tomorrow). The theme is cocktail nails... any guesses what I based my colours on?